About Us

I'd like to introduce my exclusive sleepwear and clothing collection in linen-flax. Lithuania- the country I was raised in, has deep flax growing and cultivating traditions.
Back in the days, our grandparents made all clothing, beddings and kitchen textiles of flax mainly.
They performed all of the necessary stages, such as flax growing, weaving and crafting by themselves. Linen smell, feeling and appearance are inspiration of my creations.
I pursue on our traditions, and create linen items with traditional hand stitching, embroidery and crochet.
Most of my designs are inspired by our national clothing shapes and designs. All LGlinen items are handmade, designed with love and attention to details. No rush, no factory noise and smell, everything is made by our team working hands.
Hope the  customers will appreciate our delicate and amazing work.

Meet Laima - co-founder, creator and soul of LGlinen company:

"My whole life is connected with music too, especially traditional Lithuanian music. I carry on our cultural traditions and take part in folklore club, where we gather to sing and dance within our traditional Lithuanian music.
I love and I'm so proud to wear a Lithuanian national costume, which is also made from beloved linen."
Happy and Joyful shopping!