Embracing the body types: guide to choose perfect linen dress for every shape

You have no idea what dress is the best for you? No worries, we will spill all the tea here. One size does not fit all when it comes to choosing a dress. Each of us has a unique shape so it’s important to understand how to compliment it’s individuality with the right dress style. Linen dresses are beloved for its elegance, breathable comfort and fantastic durability. These dresses are perfect for summer holidays, work or friend’s weddings. So let’s dive into it and explore all body shapes and best dresses to accentuate the beauty of it.

Pear-Shaped Body: 

If you have a pear-shaped figure, your hips are wider than your bust, creating a beautifully feminine silhouette. Opt for the dresses that highlight your upper body part while balancing proportions. What does it mean? We will show some examples.

  • A-line dresses. These types of dresses cinch at the waist and flow gently over your hips. A-line dresses will enhance your waistline and give anelongated look
  • Wrap dresses. The ones with a V-neck line draw attention to your upper body and create a flattering shape. Look for designs that accent the waist and flow effortlessly down.


Apple-Shaped Body

This body type tends to have a fuller mid-section with wider torso and less-defined waist. The key to dressing this body type is to create balances and elongated silhouette while highlighting best features. What are the best dresses to do that?


  • Empire waist dresses: Opt for linen dresses with an empire waistline, as they cinch just below the bust and flow away from the midsection. This style accentuates your bust and skims over the tummy area, creating a flattering look.


  • Shirt dresses: Shirt dresses with a tailored fit and a belt at the waistline help define your curves and create a sleek appearance. Look for dresses with vertical stripes or patterns that visually elongate your figure.


Hourglass Body

Hourglass figure is characterized by a well-defined waistline and balanced proportions between the bust and hips. Look out for dresses that put an accent on the waist.


  • Fit-and-Flare Dresses: Fit-and-flare dresses are a go-to choice for hourglass figures. These dresses are fitted at the waist and then flare out at the hips, creating a balanced and feminine silhouette. The fitted waist emphasizes your narrowest point, while the flared skirt adds volume and creates the illusion of an exaggerated hourglass shape.


  • Wrap dresses: Wrap dresses are a fantastic choice for hourglass figures. They accentuate your waistline, creating an enviable hourglass shape. Look for dresses with a tie or belt to further define your waist.



Straight Body

A straight body shape has minimal curves with similar width throughout the bust, waist and hips. If you are up for that, let’s aim here to create the illusion of curves and a dimension to your silhouette. But to be honest this body type can pull-off any dress depending on what you are looking for.


  • Fit-and-flare dresses: Opt for fit-and-flare linen dresses that cinch at the waist and flare out from there. This style adds volume to your lower body, creating the appearance of curves.


  • Layered dresses: Look for linen dresses with layers or ruffles that add texture and dimension to your figure. This creates the illusion of curves and adds visual interest.


Plus-Size Body

For those with plus-size figures, it’s important to find linen dresses that enhance your curves. Get away from baggy dresses.

  • Maxi dresses: Embrace the elegance of maxi linen dresses, which flow gracefully. Look for styles that define your waist and flatter your bustline.


  • V-neck dresses: V-necklines elongate your neck and draw attention upwards, balancing your overall look. Choose linen dresses with a V-neck that fit well and highlight your best features.


Regardless of what your body type is, there is an amazing dress waiting for you. Keep in mind that these are just guidelines. In reality the most important thing is how the dress makes you feel. If you feel confident, happy and like yourself, then go ahead and wear it. Be creative and open to explore!

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