How to find the perfect linen dress for any occasion

What if we told you that you can wear linen dresses for any occasion? Search no more – we prepared a detailed guide on how to find a YOUR linen dress every time – be it holiday, office or wedding. We'll guide you through the process, so if you're ready to look and feel your best in a natural dress that's both elegant and effortless, read on.




Linen Loose Dress ARIA With Flow Bottom

Let it flow! Loose silhouette of ARIA dress makes it a perfect fit for wandering around the beach. Style it with a beach bag and sunglasses for daytime. No time to change for a night? Throw in statement earrings, elegant mules and you are ready to hit a nightlife.


Linen Top-Bustier with Buttoned Back

Top-Bustiers’ natural texture and drape gives a relaxed, bohemian vibe you aim for. Wear anywhere: beach, dinner or just lazily lying around a beach house. PRO TIP: Cropped silhouette is extremely flattering for those of hourglass body shape.

White Linen Shirt Classic Katerina with Long Sleeves

Do we have to explain? Linen shirt is simply a must-have in a minimalistic holiday luggage. It helps to protect you from the sun heat or cool summer breeze. If you choose a neutral color as beige or earth brown it’s going to match almost anything in your luggage. But…We have to warn you that linen shirts also give extremely sophisticated vibes.



Linen Sleeveless Top ELLA-2 with Round Neck

Upgrade your work wardrobe with a sleek and stylish sleeveless linen top. It’s modest enough for an office day but just perfect for a dinner date afterwards. Imagine a humid afternoon in the office wearing a breathable top with simple jeans, skirt or linen pants. Multiple options to style depending on your office dress code and weather.


Linen Cropped Pants EDNA for Women

What really sets sleeveless linen pants apart is their versatility. Dress them up with a tailored blouse and pumps for a polished look, or keep it casual with a simple tee and sandals. Their clean lines create a modern silhouette that's sure to turn heads in any workplace. Don’t be afraid of wrinkles, that is the natural beauty of linen we appreciate.


Linen Shirt Dress LYDIA in Marsala Color

We spend a big part of our life working. Do you make most of your workwear? Choosing the best outfits for work is a self-love language. The shirt dress Lydia will highlight elegance and the professional image you carry inside. It is with a slightly broadened shoulder line, puffy sleeves and subtly expressed waist line.



Linen Long Dress GLORIA with Short Sleeves and Wide Skirt

This long linen dress is THE choice for a leisurely brunch with friends. Catch up with your nearest and dearest over a delicious croissant or Eggs Benedict while breathable linen ensures you'll feel great all day long.


Linen Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are here to stay. They are cute, stylish and simply give extra spice for a rather boring outfit. Whether you're brunching with friends in the city or exploring a new neighborhood, a linen bucket hat is sure to make you feel confident and fabulous.

That’s the end of our guide, dear. See, we told you! Linen pieces are extremely versatile and easy to wear. Complement your wardrobe with a natural fabric piece that is here to stay. 


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