Introduction to Linen Wardrobe Essentials

Feeling of nothing to wear makes us buy more. We believe that the art of building a well-rounded wardrobe is for those seeking a more conscious lifestyle. Imagine having a closet full of clothes that speak to your soul and match each other. This would save time styling and choosing what to wear. The question is: how can we achieve that? 

If you are a linen lover, then for a start you need a good base of linen essentials in your selection. Stay with us as we explore how to create a well-rounded wardrobe that radiates beauty while resonating with your values. We will share extremely simple tips on how to build a good wardrobe base.

Importance of building a well-rounded wardrobe

Imagine waking up each morning, knowing that your clothes reflect your values and perfectly match each other. Feels good right? A well-rounded wardrobe is an intentional collection of clothes that not only match your style but also embraces sustainability. By incorporating essentials you love, you will open the possibility to express your personality by staying fashionably responsible. 

And that’s where we want to step in – our linen wardrobe essentials not only exude classic elegance but are also sustainably crafted piece by piece. We want to ensure that you slay the style game by staying in the realm of their sustainability values. Linen is eco-conscious material, making our pieces more than just garments – they are easy-to-style companions on your mindful journey.


Tips for building a well-rounded wardrobe with linen essentials


Start with the basics. Begin incorporating timeless linen essentials such as a crisp white linen shirt, a versatile linen dress, and a pair of relaxed linen trousers. These classic pieces serve as the foundation of your wardrobe, offering endless styling options with other pieces you own.


Play with colors. Yes, linen is known for its earthy tones. But if you like the bright pop of color, we offer a wide range of colors in LG Linen collection. Add a couple of colorful linen pieces to mix and match with neutral essentials. This way you will make sure to not be short of stylish outfit choices.


Experiment with layers. Linen's lightweight and breathable nature makes it a fantastic layering fabric. This way you will create even more options for the colder season. Question is: how in the world to layer? It’s pretty easy! Combine a linen blazer with a linen blouse for a chic lunch look. Throw a crisp white linen shirt on your dress for an easy-going weekend ensemble. That’s it.


Accessorize thoughtfully. Some people forget the magic of accesories. Let’s change that. Elevate your linen outfits with a statement belt, a trendy hat, or some artisanal jewelry. This way you will add the perfect finishing touch and create different looks.




We believe that every individual can curate a collection of clothes that resonates with their environmental values. By starting with a strong foundation of timeless linen essentials, you open the door to endless styling possibilities and pairings. 


To create your well-rounded linen wardrobe, start with the basics – a crisp white linen shirt, a versatile linen dress, and a pair of relaxed linen trousers. These classic pieces form the foundation of your wardrobe, offering infinite opportunities for mixing and matching with other garments. 


To take it to the next level, learn to layer and incorporate a couple of bright colors and learn to accessorize. Discover how a well-curated wardrobe will give you more time and freedom while staying stylish. Let’s start a journey to a better wardrobe together?


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