Sustainable life is all about appreciating small things and taking it slowly. This kind of life gives what Danish culture calls a HYGGE feeling.  

hygge /ˈh(j)uːɡə / is art of creating intimacy, coziness of the soul and taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things. Sounds nice, right? Natural linen pieces are on the coziest things list (at least for us). So let’s follow through this zero-waste linen pieces guide, shall we? 

FOR US LINEN IS NEVER A WASTE. So our dear tailors use every precious piece to create zero-waste home decor and present ideas for your special days. 

Zero waste accessories: soft linen headband and cute pouch. Did you see at least one linen dress in her closet? Think no more. Linen is definitely her jam. Spoil your friend, girlfriend or wife with one of these.


Linen sleep mask. Perfect for those nights when your beloved one is still involved in a self-help book, but you feel like sleeping.

Linen Handmade Toys for Christmas. These ones… These ones (hands down!) bring a festive mood to a moment. The best part: it’s not only fun, but it’s also zero waste. Created for those who are tired of the plastic-y festive season. We got your back.

Linen face mask. In some countries, it’s still required. Gift a breathable and skin-friendly face mask for those who understand.

Feel like giving a personal touch to packing? The monogrammed linen gift bag is reusable so it could continue its life as a bag for jewelry, crystals or dried herbs.

It’s the system that’s broken, not us. By choosing to exchange overconsumption for something sustainable and heart-warming you make small but significant step. This is your statement to the world: I CHOOSE TO GO BACK TO GOOD OLD SUSTAINABLE HABITS. 


Linen-infused life just hit differently. Have a lovely festive season!



From Laima, co-founder, creator and soul of LGlinen


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