Understanding Linen Clothing: A Variety of Silhouettes to Admire

Hey there, linen loves. Time to talk about this amazing material again. Why do we love it? Oh, it is hard to count the ways, right? Starting from durability and ending with earthy energy it brings. In LGlinen style meets comfort like peanut butter meets jelly. Jokes aside, we aim to have a variety of styles to make any body type comfortable in their own skin. In this blog post we will introduce you to different cuts of linen tops, pants and dresses to understand it better and choose accordingly.

        1. Linen Tops and Shirts

Different styles, hard to describe!

First things first, let's talk tops. The beauty of linen is that we can make a variety of cuts without losing that fresh, airy quality. Think button-downs for that sleek, office-appropriate look, or sleeveless numbers to keep you cool when the heat is just too much. We got oversized options for those lounge-around-the-house days, high-neck styles for a touch of elegance, and even collared tops for that preppy vibe. We don’t know what your style is, all we know – you can choose from variety


Finding your perfect fit option

Whether you’re a fan of tight fit or 'the-looser-the-better' kinda person, there’s something for everyone. Our fitted tops hug all the right places without suffocating you (let’s agree, nobody wants that). For the relaxed-fit tribe, our tops skim your body, offering that perfect in-between. Oversized? Think airy, flowy, and the epitome of comfort. We believe oversized clothes should be in everyone's closet.


Versatility in various outfits

Good news, each linen top is so easy to style. Imagine this: you’re rocking a sleeveless linen top with high-waisted shorts for that casual day out. Now swap the shorts with tailored pants, and you're suddenly office-ready. Or take that oversized shirt, tie it at the waist, slip into favorite jeans, and you're effortlessly stylish. Linen is so adaptable, it's like the chameleon of fabrics.


      2.  Linen Pants

Linen FAVORITE pants with buttoned fly


Which cut and style suit your needs?

Moving down the body — let’s talk pants. Wide-leg styles are the talk of recent years. They're great for balancing out proportions, especially for the curvier beauties. Straight-leg? Timeless and versatile, they suit almost everyone. Feeling trying something different? Go for the cropped cut, perfect when you can’t decide between shorts and pants

The right pants for every body: styling tips

Lost in a pants jungle? Wide-leg pants add volume at the bottom, balancing out wider shoulders or bust. Straight-leg styles are the Swiss Army knife of the fashion world – they pretty much suit anyone. Cropped cuts are great for petite frames, adding the illusion of height.


Colors to consider

We suggest a wide range of linen colors to choose from. Moss green for a woodland walk, milky white for that beachy afternoon, or dark navy for an evening out. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In colder seasons, opt for darker tones like black, pistachio or dark navy.


           3. Linen Dresses and Skirts

Linen skirt Cleo with buttons in Marsala color

Various silhouettes


Oh, dear, the drama of a good silhouette can add to your outfit! A-line skirts are your go-to for a classic, flattering shape. Wrap dresses are versatile and adjustable. Shirt dresses scream casual chic. And fit-and-flare? Well, they're just fun to walk in. If you want to dig deeper into matching a dress for your body shape, read our blog post about embracing your body type and choosing the right silhouette.


Styling linen for different occasions: dressing up and dressing down


Every dress can be a party dress and a casual everyday dress. It’s up to how you style it. Wear your shirt dress with sneakers for running errands, then switch to strappy heels and statement earrings for drinks with the girls. A wrap dress can go from brunch to date night with just a change of accessories. For that fit-and-flare, use a belt to cinch the waist for a daytime look, or go beltless with a statement necklace for evening glam.


The world of LGlinen has something for every body, mood and occasion. Linen isn't just a fabric, it’s a lifestyle. We know you agree. Happy shopping, and remember to always keep it your way. We always vote for unique styles.



Explore the stylish and comfy universe of LGlinen clothing, where we've got something for everyone! From versatile linen tops in various cuts and fits to pants that flatter every body type, LGlinen has you covered. We offer an array of colors to match any mood or season. And let’s not forget our dresses and skirts—they're effortlessly chic and endlessly adaptable. Whether you're dressing up or down, you can always count on linen to keep you looking fabulous and feeling great.


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